-a field that received the 2009 NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE

By Edmund Chein,M.D.,J.D.

The details of Telomerase Activating Therapy was originally described in my book Age Reversal, first published in January 1998. In there I described the mechanism in which bio-identical hormones play a role in activating telomerase, which in turn prolongs the telomere portion of our DNA. This process keeps the cell young and healthy, thus accomplishing our goal of staying healthy, young and achieving longevity. This year the Nobel Committee validated this process by awarding the Nobel Prize in Medicine to three scientists who showed how telomerase works to lengthen the telomere portion of our DNA and thus achieves youthful cell replications and perpetual non-dying cells in the laboratory.

Even though the prize went to three scientists, thousands more deserve to share the prize, especially the group at the University of Texas, Southwest Division, who reached the amazing goal of making human cells live “forever” in laboratory conditions. (Science, Vol 279, January 16, 1998)

My respect also goes to the following scientists:

1. Dr. Gomez Sanchez and his group at La Paz University, Spain, who showed that growth hormone directly activates telomerase. (Journal of Endocrinology, Vol 185, June 2005, pages 421-428) That is exactly why Growth Hormone has become popularly used to lengthen the telomeres of my DNA.

2. Dr. Scott Brouilette and his group, who showed that telomere length is a predictor of the onset of coronary heart disease. (Lancet, Vol 369, January 13, 2007)

3. Dr. Xu and his group at the National Institute of Health and the University of Utah, who showed that the use of multivitamins is associated with longer telomere length among women. (AM Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 89, 2009, pages 1857-1863) Yes, they validated our practice over the last fifteen years of prescribing daily multivitamins and multi-minerals to our patients.

4. Drs. Williams and Boggess at the University of North Carolina, who showed that progesterone (not progestin or Medroxy-progesterone ) inhibits endometrial telomerase activity, validating the position for years that progesterone inhibits and prevents breast, uterine, and prostate cancers. (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Vol 86, August 2001, pages 3912-3917)

5. Dr. Kaszubowska at the University of Gdansk, Poland, who showed that centenarians have long telomeres in their cells (lymphocytes). This proves the position that lengthening telomeres does not cause cancer. (Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, December 2008, Vol 9, pages 169-186)

6. The scientists at the Johns Hopkins Unversity School of medicine who first showed that bio-identical male hormone Testosterone, activates Telomerase and lengthens telomeres.

7. Last but not least, Dr. Michael Sheppard, Vice-Dean of the University of Birmingham Medical School, who says: “Growth hormone therapy does not induce cancer.” (Endocrinology and Metabolism, Oct 2005, Vol 2 No 10)


Edmund Chein, M.D., J.D.

Dr. Edmund Chein received his training at the University of Southern California Medical Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr Chein is also holds a Juris Doctor degree and is a specialist in forensic medicine. He is a licensed private forensic investigator specialized in DNA identification. Dr. Edmund Chein retired from forensics in 1990, and began research in DNA, where he discovered that telomeres found in DNA control the human aging process. Chein parlayed this discovery into a collaborative study with the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he tested 1000 human subjects and developed an Telomerase Activating Therapy which uses human growth hormones to halt and reverse the aging process. He was the first doctor in the United States to use Growth Hormone on adults clinically (not research), and to advocate balance of all bio-identical hormones that affects aging.

Dr. Chein holds patents for his discovery in longevity and anti-aging procedure in the United States, British Commonwealth and the People's Republic of China.